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Digital Collage



9 Ahad Ha'Am st. Tel Aviv


Many of these representations are based on sites that are well-known to the city’s inhabitants. However, locals and tourists alike participate in this unending ritual of capturing images. What value comes from shooting and re-shooting the city?

The Tel Aviv series is a visual representation of reconfigured space. The selected buildings that reside throughout the city undergo complex digital manipulation which isolates them both from their physical surroundings as well as people’s practical understanding of the urban landscape. Bypassing these physical limitations, I create alternate metropolitan scenes of Tel Aviv. 


This collection assumes a documentary character in a time when documentation lacks the pretence of objectivity and truth. These portraits of the city allow me to prescribe personal meaning to what is deemed public space. This series exposes a distinct emotional landscape developed from our relationship with Tel Aviv - where we experience our home through form, color, and magnitude before we address its function.

96 herbert samuel web.jpg

56 Herbert Samuel st. Tel Aviv


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