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Hagai Farago (b. 1994, Israel) is an artist and printmaker, specialises in silk-screen printing. Studio manager and instructor at Hamelaha Workshop in Tel-Aviv, Israel. 


Farago assembles a new perspective on myths of the Hebrew-Israelite culture, through unorthodox use of biblical and modern icons. Fascinated with the potential of silk-screen printing to produce vivid color fields, Farago is building his prints out of 2-3 color tones at a time, with a prominent use of bright blue and red.


Farago’s works of the last two years have been created under the collective theme “FEVER DREAM”, the name of his solo print exhibition in La-Culture Print Fair (Jaffa, 2022). Through his work Farago is leading a one-man-expedition to the holy land, gathering a collection of local icons into his prints.


Farago has exhibited in different shows in Tel Aviv, Including two solo print exhibitions in 2022. Farago is also producing and co-curating Hamelaha Studio’s Jaffa Print Festival held this year for the second time.


Furthermore, since 2020 Farago has lived and expanded his artistic horizons in several European capitals such as Lisbon and Berlin. Places where he gained memories, inspiration and a new perspective on a global scale.

Photo by Ella Barak


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